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Our motto is "Never Forget. But misled? Never again."

In times of uncertainty due to widespread contradictory and misleading information, we seek to help others by offering some clear assessments which should help people navigate their own way towards Truth.


Truth must form the cornerstone of any good society or authentic democracy.  Without truthful information, authentic choice is impossible and true democracy becomes something else.  Please use the truth of 9/11 to better understand how our World truly operates, asking yourself how and why the truth of this event has been so well suppressed over 20-plus years, consistently and internationally in the mainstream media.

Firefighters for 9/11 Truth (FF911 TRUTH) is a not-for-profit international private alliance of Emergency Services professionals, current and retired.

Our intention is to offer truthful and unbiased information and to be a trustworthy voice amongst the chaos of political and corporate driven media, building upon the trusted reputation of the Fire Service to bravely serve the People without fear or favour.

We aim to offer a private and confidential hub for those who wish to join in our honest and honourable endeavors; with support, camaraderie, connection and more.  Firefighters please feel free to get in touch and connect with us privately and confidentially via our contact page.

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