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Firefighters For 9/11 Truth






NIST reasons for refusing to follow Standards

POST 9/11 - Firefighting Operational Changes 

Sudden Building Collapse
An Independent Evaluation of a New Risk in Operational Fire-fighting 

Quotes about the Investigation


FIREFIGHTERS FOR 9/11 TRUTH (FF911 TRUTH) is an international private association of firefighting professionals, current and retired, as well as experts in the study of the 9/11 incidents and the various post-incident governmental and private investigations. FF911 TRUTH is stewarded by USA & UK active duty and retired firefighters.

Our motto is "Honor the Fallen, Brave the Truth."

We see 9/11 Truth as a ‘Peace Movement’, a chance to prevent past mistakes, such as the many “Wars on Terror” which have been predicated upon false information and contrived consent.  Truth must form the cornerstone of any good society or proper democracy.  Without truthful information, proper choice is impossible and democracy becomes an illusion.

Our intention is to create a compassionate community that respects truth and civilized discussion so that we may all learn, gain a genuine and deeper understanding, and hopefully increase the potential for a better future for all.



Do you have Fire/Police/Military Service Experience?